Chautauqua: Cope and Marsh Bone Wars

Sabotage! Scandals! Mischief & mayhem! While this sounds like current politics, these words instead describe the ruthless yet fruitful paleontological excavations carried out in 19th century Colorado by east coast university professors Othniel Charles Marsh & Edward Drinker Cope. Fueled by both intellectual curiosity & intense rivalry, their
expeditions, called the “Bone Wars”, yielded prolific & immeasurably valuable discoveries & placed paleontology among respected sciences. Today their legacy continues in both Colorado & national scientific circles & in museum displays. Indeed, the Bone Wars took no prisoners, but instead yielded stories through ancient fossils.
The Pikes Peak Historical Society invites you to join Thomas Price as he re-enacts some of the drama and intrigue of this era. Thomas Price is a junior at UCCS where he
is majoring in both museum studies and film studies. He has been a volunteer at various museums in Teller County, Summit County, El Paso County as well as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Thomas Price is also the recipient of the 2012 inaugural Theobald Award from the Breckenridge Heritage Society and participated for 7 years in the National History Day competition, placing first at the state competition and qualifying for the national competition.
The Pikes Peak Historical Society invites you to learn more about thesedetermined men and their rivalry, at their monthly Chautauqua (free program), May 17th at 2:00 pm at the Florissant Library. The Library is located adjacent to the Florissant Community Park on 334 Circle Drive in Florissant. Thisprogram is presented as a public service of the Pikes Peak Historical Society. Admission is free, and refreshments are served. Seating is limited. For more information, call 719-748-8259 or 719-748-3861.