Pikes Peak Historical Society Auction

_7104137The Pikes Peak Historical Society Annual Auction will be held on Saturday,
October 21, 2017 at 2:00pm at the Lake George Charter School gym/auditorium
in Lake George, Colorado.
This auction is a major fundraiser for the Pikes Peak Historical Society, a nonprofit
organization which maintains two free museums in Florissant. The PPHS
also provides free educational programs throughout the year. This organization
and their sponsored events are funded by membership dues and donations. The
funds generated by the annual auction supplements these funds.
A variety of items will be offered for purchase at the upcoming auction – gift
certificates to local stores, food items, antiques and collectibles. Credit cards are
accepted as well as cash or check donation.
The Lake George Charter School is located just 4 minutes from Florissant, on the
south side of Highway 24 just 2/10 mile west of the Ferrell Propane lot. The
School has ample parking and seating. But come early! Viewing begins at noon
and the Auction starts at 2:00pm. Drinks and a snack lunch will be available for
purchase, benefiting the school Student Council, during the pre-auction walk
For more information contact Scott Adams at 719-748-9035 or John Rakowski
at 719-748-3861