Wildlife Management in the Pikes Peak Region

Deer-winterJanuary 19, 2015, Florissant, Teller County, Colorado: Wildlife Management in the Pikes Peak Region Why are some of the Deer wearing collars? Are they trying to make a fashion statement? * Do Bighorn Sheep kick the kids out of the herd when they grow up? Or do they hang around eating their parents out of house and home? * Was that a Moose I just saw? I thought moose only lived in Alaska! * What do you mean that’s a mountain lion? Just looks like a big kitty-cat to me! * Do Bears really steal picnic baskets? How do I get the bear cubs to stand still for a picture? Why does that Bear have two earrings? * I didn’t think deer grew that big! It must be a horse, but why does it have antlers?

Regardless of whether you grew up in the mountains or you’re a newcomer, we’ve all heard (or had) questions like these. Join Wildlife Officer Tim Kroenig as he talks about the wildlife, and their management, in Teller County and the surrounding Pikes Peak region at the February Pikes Peak Historical Society Chautauqua. Officer Kroenig will also speak about the role the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife plays in this management. He will offer guidance about living peacefully with our ‘wild’ neighbors along with insights into their lives.

The Pikes Peak Historical Society invites you to learn more about the Wildlife of the Pikes Peak region on Sunday, February 21st, at their monthly Chautauqua (free program), at 2:00 pm at the Florissant Library. The Library is located adjacent to the Florissant Community Park on 334 Circle Drive in Florissant. This program is presented as a public service of the Pikes Peak Historical Society. Admission is free and refreshments are served. No reservation is required but arrive early, seating is limited. For more information call 719-748-8259 or 719-748-3861.