Florissant Heritage Day Saturday July 27

The Florissant community will celebrate Heritage Day on Saturday July 27 beginning with a tasty breakfast at the Florissant Volunteer Fire Station on Highway 24. This is provided as a fundraiser by the volunteer fire department and we hope you will be generous with a donation to thank them for their service during the year and for this breakfast.
After breakfast activities will take place at the Grange which was the schoolhouse built in 1887 on CR 31 and is now the Colorado headquarters of the Grange. Activities will also take place at the Pikes Peak Historical Society Museum on CR 1, at the Florissant Pioneer Cemetery on CR 421 Upper Twin Rock Road and at the Florissant Public Library on Circle Drive. Bob Cox, a
descendent of Florissant’s founder Judge Castello will be dressed as the Judge and will be giving short presentations about him and his family during the day at all those various locations. In addition to the Castello family discussion at their burial site at the cemetery,
Ralph and Doris Palmer will discuss the history of several Civil War Veterans buried here. Come learn the story of one of those veterans who was responsible for the short duration gold rush in Florissant the same year as the initial gold rush in Cripple Creek. Bring the kids and young at heart to the Florissant Public Library where late 1800’s games and chores will be played and demonstrated.
Visit our local PPHS museum to learn about the Utes, the early settlers of the Florissant area, as well as view the local mineral display including two huge four-foot-tall smoky quartz crystals found just north of Florissant. Free maps will be available for visitors so that you can walk or drive to view various local historic buildings in Florissant. This local museum is run by volunteers and donations and is quite a tribute to our little town.
For more information contact:

Pikes Peak Historical Society 719-748-8259
Florissant Volunteer Fire 719-748-0115
Florissant Grange 719-748-5004
Florissant Library 719-748-3939