Travel Bug Kaelin’s Amazing Adventures

On March 27, 2019  Geocacher Jasper Dakota, who had traveled with Kaelin to 324 caches most of them puzzle caches in the US, left him in Bayern, Germany.   He had a nice rest until May 5, 2019 when another geocacher, lokjota living in Germany,  retrieved him and took him by train to Lombardia, Italy where they found four caches.  They were last seen caching back in Bayern.  One of the caches they visited in Munich was a cemetery dating from 1563-1944.  It was the first burial ground in Munich and placed outside the city gates for victims of the plague.    So far Kaelin has visited 15 states and 6 different countries.  He is more traveled than I am!  He has logged 32,750.8 miles while visiting 440 caches.

he was still in Colorado, one of the caches he visited last December was near
Fort Collins and looked so interesting that Rudy and I decided to go check it
out.  Bill Swets, who used to be a farmer, started creating metal
creatures using car parts, farm machinery, and other scrap metal in 1985 as a
hobby.  After a couple of years he had 43 in his “zoo”.  Now there
are approximately 160.  There are bread machine sized imps, cartoon train
engines, towering dinosaurs and futuristic spaceship vehicles.  We found
humor in the metal golfer aided by a dinosaur caddy, and a hitchhiking creature
holding a boombox to his ear with a prisoner’s ball and chain on his ankle.
 It was a fun walk through the property which you can visit with just a
donation.  We would have never known about this roadside treasure without
Kaelin having discovered it, which is one of the reasons we love geocaching.
 I will be catching you up on some of his adventures in Germany when my
translator is back in Colorado.  

he has visited so far –  Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey,
Delaware, and of course Colorado.

 –  Provence-Alpes-Cote de Azur, France, Croatia, Montenegro,
Cataluna, Spain, Salzburg, Austria, Bayern, Germany, and Lombardie, Veneto, and
Campagna Italy.