Voices from the Past: Quilts and Soddies

The Pikes Peak Historical Society welcomes this “trunk show” from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado for the June 23 Chautauqua. Presented by Scotti McCarthy, in costume, the program reveals the sod house experience through the journals of the women who homesteaded in the American West. Scotti has been a volunteer, a docent and a member of the Board of Directors of the museum since 2000. She has also been a quilter for nearly twenty years. Quilts from the collection will be passed throughout the audience during the program.

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (RMQM) began with a gift of 101 quilts from the personal collection of Eugenia Mitchell, the museum’s founder. When it opened in 1990, it was only the third quilt museum in the United States. Now there are eleven. The museum collection has grown from the original donation to over 850 quilts today. RMQM has two galleries, each of which hosts 8 exhibits per year, showcasing more than 250 quilts, historical and contemporary art quilts from the museum collection, as well as quilts by national and regional quilt artists. The mission of The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and educate the public about quilts; honor quiltmaking traditions; and embrace the evolution of the art and craft of quilting.

The Pikes Peak Historical Society invites you to see and learn more about the history of quilts from the past Sunday, June 23 at 2pm at the Lake George Charter School. The Lake George Charter School is located 4 minutes west of Florissant, on the south side of Highway 24 just 2/10 mile west of the Ferrell Propane lot. This program is presented as a public service of the Pikes Peak Historical Society. Admission is free and refreshments are served. No reservation is required. For more information call 719-748-8259 or 719-748-3861