April Chautauqua

Dr. Mark Jacobson, a geologist-mineralogist is scheduled as the speaker of the next Chautauqua presented by Pikes Peak Historical Society, April 16 at Lake George Charter School. Dr. Jacobson will be presenting a talk about the history of Crystal Peak and the collecting of amazonite and other minerals in the area.

Crystal Peak is a prominent feature visible north of Highway 24 between Florissant and Lake George and resembles a pyramid. In the early days, settlers referred to it Cheop’s Pyramid or Topaz Butte.

Crystal Peak has been a draw of many going back to the Utes who sought after the beautiful and unique crystals for spiritual reasons. Geologists and miners soon began to ascend this mountain and the Crystal Peak pegmatite was found in 1873. In 1875 it was noted that 25 to 30 diggers were seen. And the excitement continues today. However, Crystal Peak is now privately owned as is much of the land around it.

Dr. Jacobson obtained a BS in mineralogy-geochemistry from Pennsylvania State University in 1973 and a MS in sedimentary geology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1976. After graduate school, he worked for Amoco and Chevron in oil and gas development as an earth scientist, completing 35 years with Chevron before retiring in 2013. He has published numerous articles on the geology, mineralogy, and mining-collecting histories of pegmatites since 1978 as well as three major books: “The Gems of Hiddenite, North Carolina: Mining History, Geology, and Mineralogy, “Guidebook to the pegmatites of Western Australia and Antero Aquamarines: Minerals from the Mount Antero – White Mountain Region. He has been a consulting editor for Rocks and Minerals since 1984 and has previously been president of the Friends of Mineralogy, both the National and Colorado Chapter. He lives in Colorado Springs and is a member of Lake George Gem and Mineral Club. He specializes in pegmatites as found on Crystal Peak.

Along with the presentation, Pikes Peak Historical Society will be conducting a silent auction of gems and mineral specimens. Some of the items are a Blue-green faceted tourmaline (faceted by local geologist, John Rakowski), faceted citrine, Smoky quartz crystal, and a Smoky quartz combination crystal. Proceeds from the auction will go toward the purchase and installation of doors and windows being replaced at the Teacherage Museum next to the old Florissant Schoolhouse.  The presentation will be at 2:00 p.m. on April 16 at Lake George Charter School, 38874 US Hwy 24, Lake George, CO. The school is located only 4 minutes from Florissant, on the south side of Highway 24 just two tenths’ miles west of the Ferrell Propane lot. This program is free and no reservation is required.  For more information call 719-748-8259 or 719-748-3861.

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